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Regardless Of Your Age, Your Long Term Retirement Planning Should Begin Now

The last several years of the economic “recession”, “depression”, or call it what you will, has had a very significant impact on the pocketbook of a great many people. Finding a job for those out of work has been a challenge. Paying for your home heating oil has probably cut into the number of times that you may go out to dinner. Choosing between a new car and a pre-owned car to replace the 200,000 mile family car sitting in the driveway may be the conversation going on around your kitchen table now. The stark reality, a significant question for young and middle-aged people today, many of whom are “baby-boomers” is:

“Can I retire the way my dad did and enjoy a condo in a warmer climate or even just afford to live in my own home, not a nursing home?”

Planning for your retirement may seem overwhelming right now, and something that “you’ll get to tomorrow or someday” because you’re not even close to 65.

But right now, today, are you

  • Budgeting your life appropriately
  • Accumulating your assets now in a tax efficient manner
  • Objectively evaluating your financial independence
  • Budgeting for long-term healthcare coverage or disability insurance

And are you

  • Thinking about “gifting” to family members
  • Considering how to help fund the education of your children or grandchildren
  • Considering how you will go about recalculating your retirement plans as circumstances change
  • Realistically thinking about how your children and grandchildren may handle your legacy
  • Considering the benefits of a will, trust, health care proxy, and/or power of attorney
  • Thinking of other unique issues that you feel should be considered
  • Thinking of anything else?

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of Retirement Planning or even have a few questions about it, the objective advice from experienced Heaphy Group professionals will focus on you and your specific issues. This is key to your retirement planning, regardless of your age. Unlike what used to be the case, planning for your retirement should not wait a few years but should begin well before you reach the age of 65.

A smart retirement strategy for you or a member of your family should begin

  • Now
  • With an experienced Financial Planner
  • At Heaphy Investments, LLC




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