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About The Heaphy Group


There are three distinct entities under the umbrella of The Heaphy Group.


Heaphy Trust Group
Founded 1989 - Sole Proprietorship - Edward T. Heaphy, Jr. and/or Lois B. Heaphy as individual managing trustees, personal trustees (donor or family member) as co-trustee.

Heaphy Investments, LLC
Ownership, Edward T. Heaphy, Jr. and Lois B. Heaphy - Provides services as a Registered Investment Advisor for investment management of trusts; investment management of agency accounts; IRA's; Non-profit endowment funds.

Executive Administrative Services, Inc.
Massachusetts corporation owned by Lois B. Heaphy, President - Provides operational support and staffing for Heaphy Trust Group and Heaphy Investments, LLC.

Each of the above entities benefits from the Charles Schwab™ custodial relationship in terms of accurate accounting services, tax reporting (1099's), and technological security of assets.


At The Heaphy Group we listen and learn about our clients and what they want and need. Our paramount consideration is to create a working relationship with our clients in which we affirm their goals and work with them to achieve those goals and avoid potential problems.

Who We Are
Heaphy Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor, registered with all proper State and Federal entities. We make it a point to know our clients to the degree they look to us for advice and counsel for the preservation of their capital, much needed income, and growth of principal (see our Investment Policy).

Who We Are Not
We are not a broker and do not sell any products.


In an era of increased state and federal oversight, Heaphy Investments, LLC retains the services of U.S. Compliance Consultants, LLC, whose expertise is compliance. They are responsible for providing us with guidance in an increasingly regulated world where adherence to all current and future regulatory rules and regulations is assured, as well as, timely filing of our reporting to the appropriate Securities Division.

In compliance with the rules and regulations of the Securities Division of Massachusetts/Securities and Exchange Commission, Heaphy Investments, LLC has retained CohnReznick LLP as Independent Auditor to deliver an audit regime for accounts in our custody.

Charles Schwab™ acts as custodian for our clients. They are insured through FDIC, SIPC and Lloyds of London.


People are the most important attribute to any corporate entity. The Heaphy Group is fortunate to include among its team, individuals experienced in our highly technical and changing investment climate.

  1. heaphy team meeting
    Expertise in fiduciary and investment practices. Each of our individuals has over 10 years experience in the Trust industry, some with between 15-25 years and several with over 25 years.
  2. Each is gifted with excellent interpersonal skills. We work with individuals of advanced age; some without the benefit of all their faculties; also the younger generation who need education on the aspects of investments or estate planning, or mature adults whose expertise is within professions not allowing time or the interest in looking after their financial affairs. Our team is encouraged to be respectful, caring, compassionate and accepting of personalities that require time, patience and understanding.
  3. It is important for all members of The Heaphy Group to inspire trust and confidence with clients and a conviction that we espouse "the right thing to do" and above all, are ethical. Many successful years in the trust and investment business has given our staff that kind of background which has become a part of their own personalities.


ed heaphy

Edward T. Heaphy, Jr.
Edward T. Heaphy, Jr. founded Heaphy Trust Group in 1989. He has shepherded its growth with the help of his wife, Lois Heaphy, for over 20 years and is active with the entire team in the day to day management.

Prior to establishing Heaphy Trust Group, he was responsible for the trust and investment activities of a major New England bank, where he served as a trust professional and family advisor for more than 20 years. He is a graduate of Columbia College and holds an MBA degree from Columbia Graduate School of Business. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee.

lois heaphy

Lois B. Heaphy
Lois joined Heaphy Trust Group in 1993 after an impressive 15 year career at a large regional bank holding company. Her experience included responsibility for investments and securities operations, and systems coordination, audit and control. At Heaphy Trust Group and Heaphy Investments, LLC Lois runs the daily operation of the business.

Lois is President of Executive Administrative Services, Inc., a wholly-owned Massachusetts Corporation that provides administrative, operations, tax and real estate related services for Heaphy Trust Group and Heaphy Investments, LLC. She is a member of the Investment Committee and serves as Chief Compliance Officer. Her dedication to the personal trust field and our clients makes her an important member of the team.

james kronholm

James A. Kronholm
Jim brings to us over 35 years of experience in Trust Administration and Estate Settlement. He has served as a Vice President with Bank of Boston, and prior to that he was with the Third National Bank in Springfield.

Jim is an expert in estate settlement and is highly regarded for his knowledge of taxation and fiduciary procedures.

hank heaphy

Henry O. Heaphy
Hank is a graduate of Columbia University and has an impressive record of research and analysis in academia. He is presently responsible for the extensive investment research and analysis carried out by Heaphy Investments, LLC.

Hank has devised several sophisticated procedures that continually monitor our investments and the markets, assuring our compliance to the ever-increasing regulations required by the governing authorities. Our excellent investment performance record has been in large part due to his daily careful scrutiny of our holdings.

sherry mohan

Sherry Mohan
Sherry is a seasoned trust executive, and joined Heaphy Investments, LLC in January, 2012. She has over 10 years experience in trust administration. She has held the positions of Trust Officer at Berkshire Bank and Trust Administrative Officer at U.S. Trust, Bank of America. In previous years she held trust positions at Fleet Bank and Bank of New England.

In addition to trust administration, Sherry is experienced in the field of accounting. She works in our administrative department and assists with opening new accounts, money movement, bill paying and special projects. Sherry is working to establish account relationships and is committed to delighting our clients by providing unprecedented client-centric service.


Diversification is one of the key elements to successful investment performance. Since the periodic returns on individual securities and on various classes of securities are not necessarily the same, an investor can increase the return on a portfolio and lower the risk on it at the same time by means of diversification. Because of the significance of overall market risk it is as important to diversify among different asset classes, as it is to diversify among individual securities. The distribution of an investor's portfolio among different classes of assets is known as asset allocation, and this is one of the more important determinants of investment performance.

Long term asset allocation depends on the objectives, constraints and individual preferences of the client. The investment objectives are usually stated in terms of tolerance for risk and type of return. The tolerance for risk depends not only on the investor's ability to assume risk but also on his or her temperament and willingness to assume risk. The type of return depends on whether the investor requires a high current return to meet current cash needs or whether he or she prefers the highest total return over time regardless of the amount of income in the interim. The various constraints to which an investor might be subject include liquidity requirements, federal and state income taxes, the size of the portfolio, and in some cases legal and/or accounting issues. Individual preferences refer to the fact that some investors may have an aversion to the ownership of equity securities of corporations which do business in a particular international locale or that manufacture certain products such as liquor, tobacco, or nuclear weapons. Other investors may have a preference for commercial timberland, venture capital or real estate. In all cases the preferences of the client need to be considered in establishing an investment policy.

Heaphy Investments, LLC works with each client to identify all the relevant objectives, constraints, and preferences in order to develop an appropriate long-term asset allocation. To the extent the objectives, constraints, or preferences of the clients change over time the investment strategy may need to be modified; and Heaphy Investments, LLC monitors each account to make any necessary changes.

Strategic asset allocation is a method of enhancing the portfolio's return on investment by over-weighting the asset classes which from time to time are temporarily undervalued and under-weighting those asset classes which tend to be overpriced. Such strategic decisions are continually monitored so as to avoid market surprises.

A realistic investment policy is of paramount importance to the long term performance of our clients' portfolios.


The role of Private Trustee and Family Advisor may be unique, but is never more needed that at present when individuals, regardless of age, are facing significant personal decisions that will determine their financial futures. It is the role of the Private Trustee to help individuals sort through the multifaceted dynamics of their personal lives and to help them formulate a strategy for the future - a sound strategy that can be adopted, monitored and, from time to time revised so that it will assure the achievement of the family's goals or assure a financially sound life stye whether one is young or of an older generation.

A young family may wonder how to accumulate assets to educate their children; a middle aged couple may need to make provisions for a parent or child who requires special medical treatment or who is unable to cope without help. An older couple may have serious concerns about how to remain independent if one of them should need nursing home care; such a couple may not be able to collect dividends properly or take care of the myriad of bookkeeping details that are necessary within the ownership of stocks and bonds. Others may wonder how to use the equity in their homes without being subject to public scrutiny. Still others may need a sound investment strategy and process to invest proceeds of the sale of a business. In all cases they need workable financial strategies while retaining self-respect and dignity in challenging economic times.

All these issues are very real and the important thing to know is that there are solutions. In its role as Private Trustee and Family Advisor, Heaphy Trust Group helps with this process as an objective advisor - with no possible conflicts of interest such as one may find in the case of those who sell various financial services or products.

The Private Trustee and Family Advisor brings experience, expertise, and objective and analytical skills to the process of planning the most appropriate strategy for individuals and families. What makes Heaphy Trust Group different is its commitment to the individual, its sensitivity to its clients' feelings, needs and preferences; and its basic philosophy, which has as its hallmark respect for the individual and the importance of human dignity.

A working relationship with the Heaphy Trust Group gives ongoing review of assets, counsel as to appropriate investment strategies, monitoring of one's investments and objective advice on issues that must be considered making decisions - age, health, unique personal considerations. Even the mundane such as bill paying and medical insurance forms can be included in the process. Heaphy Trust Group is unique - unique because the individual is important and his or her needs are met with confidentiality and discretion.

DISCLOSURES: Investment advisory services provided through Heaphy Investments, LLC. Heaphy Investments, LLC is an investment adviser registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You should not assume that any discussion or information contained in this website serves as the receipt of, or as a substitute for, personalized investment advice from Heaphy Investments, LLC. It is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation nor does it constitute advice, investment or otherwise. To the extent that a reader has questions regarding the applicability of any specific issue discussed herein to their individual situation, they are encouraged to consult with the professional advisor of their choosing. A copy of our written disclosure statement regarding our advisory services and fees is available upon request. Our comments are an expression of opinion. While we believe our statements to be true, they always depend on the reliability of our own credible sources. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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